Cozy Entrepreneurship is the Latest Trend in Anti-Hustle Culture

For years, the narrative surrounding entrepreneurship has been about hustling and doing whatever it takes to reach your goals. However, some business owners are now pushing back on that idea, launching a new trend known as soft or cozy entrepreneurship.

Deya Aliaga is a freelancer, digital business manager, and YouTuber who has become one of the main proponents of cozy entrepreneurship. She explained her stance in a recent video, “Traditional hard entrepreneurship says, ‘Hustle hustle, more at all costs, more is always better, do more, be more, work more, you’re a machine.’ It destroyed my life, and that’s just not very fun. So last year I made the switch from hard entrepreneurship to soft entrepreneurship. And it changed my entire life.”

Aliaga’s business journey began with the traditional hustle mentality. But that led to stress, self-doubt, and issues with employees. Eventually, her mental health struggled so mightily that she decided to change the way her business operated. And thus, her rules for cozy entrepreneurship were born.

Her rules include:

  • Zero-shame policy: She doesn’t shame herself or others for not meeting industry or societal expectations, like getting up early or starting work at a certain time.
  • Clarity about optimization: She thinks about what she’s actually optimizing for, including freedom and time instead of just money.
  • Constraints: She thinks about what is “enough” to live a happy, peaceful life in terms of money, energy, and goals, instead of always striving for more.
  • Life > work: She values her life more than her business and doesn’t derive her personal value from work accomplishments.

Now, Aliaga runs her business with these guidelines, prioritizing her happiness and mental health. And she is still able to run a six figure business while enjoying the rest of her life.

Of course, entrepreneurial goals and lifestyles vary widely. So this exact formula might not work for everyone. But this idea of cozy entrepreneurship may appeal to those who feel like they need some more space in their workday to combat burnout and enjoy their life and business again.

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