Customers Value Brand Trust as Number of Ecommerce Shops Grows

Online shopping has boomed in the wake of the pandemic. Research shows that as of June 2020, 87% of Americans were shopping online. As demand for ecommerce increases, so too has the need for consumers to trust online brands.

In light of the confirmation that online shoppers demand trust, omnichannel retail management system providers Brightpearl, conducted further research.

Brightpearl’s research is known as the ‘Trusted 100 – The Sites to Shop 2020’ report. The report is a definitive list of the best online retailers based on consumer trust. At the top of the list is Paper Mart, which was crowned the most trusted ecommerce brand in the US. Fitness giant Gymshark was in second place. Fringesport is considered the third most trusted brand in the United States.

Brand Trust More Important as Ecommerce Sites Expand

Despite growing popularity to shop online, it’s not all plain sailing for online retailers. Data reveals that amid the rush to buy products online, 61% of consumers have experienced problems with ecommerce brands. 42% of shoppers say unreliable delivery has jeopardized their trust in online brands since the coronavirus crisis. Subsequently, more than half of shoppers’ state trust is their primary motivator when choosing who to shop with online.

As the research shows, winning and maintaining consumer trust is vital when running an online store. Void of a physical presence, online retailers have to go the extra mile to build trust.

Maintaining business transparency can help build consumer trust. Such transparency can be achieved by mapping out and adhering to processes. For instance, informing customers how long delivery will take and then ensuring such delivery timescales are met. Another example is providing customers with clear information related to refunds and how they can cancel an order.

Accurate product descriptions and images are vital in the quest for online retailers to build and maintain trust among shoppers.

With the number of online stores increasing to accommodate for ecommerce demand, building trust among customers is synonymous with success.


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