eBay and Optoro Partner for Resellers

eBay has formed an exclusive ‘recommerce’ partnership with Optoro. Optoro provides innovative tech solutions to help retailers process, manage and sell returns and excess inventory more proficiently. The alliance will mean eBay sellers are provided with an influx of high-demand wholesale inventory, which they can sell quickly and efficiently.

eBay and Optoro Partner for Resellers

The wholesale liquidation source is known as BULQ. The platform is designed to make sourcing and listing inventory faster and more seamless for sellers.

With the Covid-19 outbreak and the economic downturn, 2020 has seen unemployment sharply rise in the US. With job insecurity increasing, people are looking for other ways to make money. Online retailing enables small businesses and entrepreneurs to sell products efficiently and profitably.

Stores Faced with Surplus Stock

Many physical stores have also been forced to shut during the pandemic and its subsequent lockdowns. Subsequently, retailers have found themselves left with surplus stock.

The eBay and Optoro partnership supports the rapidly escalating gig economy and brands that are faced with excess stock. By leveraging their respective technology, the alliance simplifies sourcing and reselling on eBay. By making the process faster and more seamless, sellers can benefit from an accelerated pace of resale.

Optoro manages and resells returns for retailers, including Best Buy, Target, IKEA, and American Eagle. The eBay/Ontoro partnership unlocks a new resale channel for Optoro’s retail and brand customers. It allows sellers to sell excess and returns on eBay through BULQ, Optoro’s proprietary B2B channel.

Through BULQ on eBay, ecommerce retailers can buy and resell liquidation lots on eBay. These lots include excess products from some of the best-known brands in the industry.

Tobin Moore, CEO of Optoro, spoke of the benefits of the BULQ platform.

“We created BULQ to solve an inventory problem for retailers and the environment by connecting their returned and excess goods to the many micro entrepreneurs looking to make a better living as resellers,”

“As a result of store closures during the pandemic and record ecommerce growth, many retailers are now overloaded with such inventory and need even better outlets. We are excited to partner with eBay to create this more powerful joint BULQ offering that will both provide improved liquidity to the retail industry while also supplying quality inventory to the many individuals looking for ways to make ends meet in the gig economy during these difficult times,” Moore added.

Since founding 25 years ago, many small businesses have relied on eBay to support operations. With more and more people going online to shop, it is more important than ever for small businesses to have a digital selling outlet.

With BULK, the process of reselling is made simpler and more effective. By transforming sellers’ experience of resale, BULQ is poised to help small businesses grow and thrive.

Image: Depositphotos.com

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