McPlant – Plant-Based Burgers Coming to McDonald’s Restaurants

McDonald’s has announced it has created a new plant-based platform. Known as ‘McPlant’, the fast-food giant plans to introduce plant-based burgers in markets in 2021.

The decision to add plant-based burgers to its menu comes after years of activism calling for McDonald’s to offer more than just meat products. More than 230,000 people signed a petition urging the fast-food chain to diversify its menu with plant-based products.

Importance of Listening to Customer Feedback

The move to extend its menu on the back of consumer-led campaigns, shows how important it is for businesses to listen to customers’ needs.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Listening to customer feedback and desires is especially important for small businesses. By acting and fulfilling the wishes of customers, small businesses increase customer satisfaction. By improving products or services – like in McDonald’s case diversifying its menu – small businesses can fuel customer loyalty. By creating greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, businesses are likelier to experience growth and greater profits.

Kathy Freston, author of the petition targeting McDonald’s, spoke of power of people in relation to persuading businesses to take note and make changes.

“For years now consumers have been asking McDonald’s to add a plant-based burger to their menu in the United States. This development is extremely good news for the millions of people looking for healthier alternatives when they eat at McDonald’s, and is testament to the people power of those who’ve been asking McDonald’s executives for this change for years.

“Now the hope is that this becomes bigger than just a few test markets, but a truly revolutionary change to McDonald’s menu all across the country and globe,” Freston added.

McPlant Exclusively for McDonald’s

The McPlant platform will be crafted by the fast-food chain exclusively for McDonald’s. According to Ian Border, McDonald’s international president, in the future, McPlant may be extended across a line of plant-based products. These products would include burgers, chicken-substitutes, and breakfast sandwiches.

Offering a plant-based menu is nothing new for fast-food chains. Many of McDonald’s competitors offer such non-meat products, including Burger King, White Castle, Hardee’s and more.

McDonald’s compliance with consumer demand by expanding its menu, shows the importance of listening to customers and fulfilling their demands.


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