New Social Network Entre Promoted as a LinkedIn Competitor

Freelancers and entrepreneurs searching for an alternative to LinkedIn should take a look at a new social network called Entre. It’s been designed to supply everything needed to kickstart your enterprise in one spot.

Small Business Trends contacted Michael Marra, the CEO/Founder  at Entre, to find out how this product folds into The Future of Work.

“Entre is a social network for entrepreneurs, investors, freelancers, and anyone that is self-employed,” he writes. “Our mobile and web app makes it easier for entrepreneurs to network, start and grow their businesses online.”

Entre Social Network for Entrepreneurs

Like a lot of good products, it was born from personal experience. Marra explains.

“I started Entre from my own struggles finding like-minded people to connect with when I quit my job as a Civil Engineer. There wasn’t a place and easy way to get started as an entrepreneur.”

There’s a free mobile and web app. Marra stresses how Entre brings everything entrepreneurs need together under one roof. That’s a bonus, he says, that was hard to find.

“Entrepreneurship is completely fragmented,” he says. “Entrepreneurs are using 8-12 different platforms to network, start, and grow their businesses.”

This alternative to LinkedIn seeks to streamline the process for startups.

Get Feedback

“If they’re just starting out, they can  ask questions, get feedback on an idea and find their co-founders,” Marra says. “Entrepreneurs can also get the support they need from a community of like-minded people.”

He says as a small business grows this platform lets them launch a service or product and connect with investors. They can find mentors and even post jobs to build their team on Entre.

But that’s not everything that separates this new platform from the competition.

“There’s no other mobile and web app that offers a social experience with all of our features for entrepreneurs. LinkedIn has similar features but they charge way more for their premium subscription than we do. And it costs a lot of money to post a job on their platform.”

Another big advantage for startups and self-employed people is the tool  is just starting out too.

“Small businesses will benefit from promoting their businesses in a new place, “Marra says, With us they can learn how to get their business online. As we grow and COVID dies down we’ll get more local with our functionality and offer more for small businesses.”

Entre plans to build the biggest entrepreneur network in the world.



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