Spotlight: Archery N Motion Solves a Common Problem for Hunters

Stationary target shooting can be useful for many interested in shooting sports. However, moving targets provide a more realistic experience for hunters. Archery N Motion provides platforms that mimic the motion hunters and archery enthusiasts should get used to. Read more about the company’s unique products in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Offering quality moving target supplies for archery and shooting sports.

Founder Sam Westfall told Small Business Trends, “We design and manufacture the top tier moving target platforms. Our platforms accommodate for either 3D archery targets or cardboard/steel plate firearms targets.”

Business Niche


Westfall is a veteran with 35 years of hunting and competitive shooting across multiple platforms.

Westfall says, “As a solo entrepreneur, having that level of experience is far and away different than my competition.”

Small Business Deals

How the Business Got Started

To solve an all-too-common problem.

Westfall explains, “After learning that roughly 300,000 big game animals are wounded each year across the US because of a lack of practice on moving targets, I wanted to offer a solution to the stationary target problem.”

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Biggest Win

Partnering with some big names in the industry.

Westfall adds, “The first major win was when @BigShotTargets wanted to partner with me on their targets after many of their competitors were not interested in being a part of the moving target revolution. The next was being offered an opportunity to have the moving target platform at a major Colorado ASA archery tournament as part of the competition. This provided a wealth of feedback and exposure for what this product is capable of doing.”

Biggest Risk

Showcasing the product at a major event.

Westfall says, “While I have tested the moving target platform to every extent, having it in front of a crowd of competitors was a risk. So many things could have gone wrong, which could have led to bad exposure, poor feedback, loss of interest. Thankfully, all of my testing paid dividends because the device worked flawlessly.”

Lesson Learned

Don’t discount digital marketing strategies.

Westfall adds, “[If I could do it over again, I would] Develop a social media following and presence first. That would have led to faster exposure and revenue sooner.”

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How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Bringing the product to new customers.

Westfall says, “With an extra $100,000, I would have the ability to purchase a toy hauler trailer for country wide demo purposes as well as onsite expos.”

Fun Fact

Westfall never set out to be an entrepreneur.

He says, “From Army tank mechanic to 20 years in IT, starting a moving target platform manufacturing business was never at the back of my mind. Now that I have started, I wouldn’t go back.”

Company Motto

“Where every shot counts.”


Image: Archery N Motion

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