How to Do Work You Love During a Global Pandemic

During COVID-19, some small business owners are just trying to get by and figure out how to make a profit. Many are reinventing their company to fit the new marketplace realities.

On the Small Business Radio Show this week, Seth Godin, one of top marketing leaders discusses his new book, “The Practice: Shipping Creative Work “. He talks about how to “ship” creative work that you love, create change by trusting yourself and work without waiting for flow.

Interview with Seth Godin

Seth says it’s easier to practice your calling than running around looking for the thing that is “supposed to be your calling”. He continues by explaining that “during a pandemic, there is a lot of disruption… this means there are problems and this is what small businesses do- they solve problems. Find out who needs to be connected and who is ready to spend money to find a solution.”

Seth does not believe we need courage to find our calling since “this implies a guarantee”. He asks instead “what would you do if you were sure to fail and what would still be worth doing? The more you do these things for the right reason, the more people will discover the need for what you got.”

According to Seth, the “imposter syndrome” is very real; “the more you imagine the future, the more you will feel like an imposter, since you are one! No one knows that the future will be. While you can’t make that feeling go away, but you can dance with it!”

Trusting yourself and finding your voice for Seth is like learning to ride a bike; it’s a process that takes repetition. He believes that to find “flow” in your work, there needs to be an “appropriate level of difficulty. This is the number one factor that leads to flow. This will create a cycle where you are engaged in the work.”

Listen to the entire interview with Seth Godin on the Small Business Radio Show this week.


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