10 Tips to Help Small Businesses Increase Revenue Without Spending a Ton

Small businesses often have to spend money to make money. But not every entrepreneur has the resources to spend big. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right small investments. Whether you’re putting in time or money, you need to get the most possible bang for your buck. These tips from the online small business community can help you make the most of your investments.

Improve Revenue with These Sales Tools

If you want to earn more money in your business, increasing sales is a necessary step. Luckily, there are tools that can help you reach your desired numbers without dramatically increasing costs. Ada Durzynska lists some of them in this GetResponse post.

Choose These Free WordPress Themes for Effective Content Marketing

Content marketing can be a cost effective way to communicate with customers. However, website expenses can add up. If you want to use this tactic while keeping costs low, check out the free WordPress themes in this post by Neil Patel.

Use the Right Social Media Management Tools

If you want to make the most of your social media strategy, you need the right tools. The options available are constantly evolving. So this post on the Octopost blog by Eyal Katz includes some to know for 2021. For more on the subject, head to the BizSugar community to see what members are saying.

Build a Future Proof SEO Strategy

SEO is constantly changing. So maintaining your strategy could become costly and burdensome over time. To avoid this, it’s necessary to think about the future when planning your strategy today. Learn more in this Bright Local post by Kristian Bannister, featuring insights from Cindy Krum.

Find the Most Effective Frequency for Facebook Ads

If you’re going to invest in Facebook advertising, you want that money to make an impact. The frequency with which you post ads can sometimes determine how effective they are. In this Social Media Today post, Andrew Hutchinson goes over insights that marketers should know.

Recruit the Right Employees for Your Business

Hiring can represent a major expense for a small business. However, team members can also dramatically impact the success of your operations. To get the most bang for your hiring buck, you need to recruit the right people. Ivan Widjaya shares tips in this Biz Penguin post.

Invest in Professional Language Translation

Expanding your target audience to other countries can open up a lot of doors for small businesses. However, some of your messages might get lost in translation if you try to handle everything yourself. That’s where professional translation services can help. Renee Johnson elaborates in this Smallbiztechnology.com post.

Stay Productive with These Marketing Tools

Productivity can make a huge impact on how successful your business is. In fact, it can improve your bottom line without impacting costs much. To improve productivity in your marketing, check out this Sweet Fish Media post by James Carbary. Then visit BizSugar to see what the community has to say.

Understand Authenticity in Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing can be a strong investment for small businesses. But it only makes an impact if customers see your efforts as authentic. So what should marketers learn about this concept? Rodric Bradford explores more in this Marketing Land post.

Repost Your Instagram Content

Instagram gives users multiple ways to share content. There are feed posts, stories, Reels, and IGTV videos. If you want to maximize visibility for all of your content, reposting may help. Jenn Herman explains how in this Social Media Examiner post.

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