How Fast is 5G? (INFOGRAPHIC)

From new laws to make the 5G network safer, to conspiracy theories suggesting 5G towers spread COVId-19, 5G is no stranger to making the tech headlines. The fifth generation of wireless technology follows previous generations of mobile tech. 3D paved the way for the launch of smartphones, while 4G allowed for faster browsing.

5G is proving faster than ever, but just how much faster? And how will it impact small businesses?

To show exactly how fast the fifth generation of mobile tech is,, providers of brand reviews on products on connected home products and services, compiled an infographic.

How Fast is 5G?

The ‘Exactly How Fast is 5G?’ infographic illustrates the speed differences between 4G and 5G.

Perth to London Flight Duration?

According to the infographic, the speed difference between 4G and 5G isn’t merely a few megabytes. On the contrary, the infographic likens 4G to a 17-hour 20-minute flight from Perth to London and the same flight on 5G being 3-hours 50-minutes.

To compare the flight durations to mobile network speeds, sourced average download speeds from 4G and 5G networks from Opensignal. They then converted the difference in speeds to a non-stop flight from London to Perth.

4.5x Speed Bump

In a blog about the 5G speed infographic, Joe Hanlon, Managing Director of, sums up the difference in speeds:

“We could tell you that you can currently expect a 4.5x speed bump from 4G, and that the difference is up to about 200Mbps on average We could say that this is just the tip of the iceberg (and that my personal best 5G speed is 808Mbps).”

How will it affect Small Businesses?

In a business sense, 5G is good news. Not only will small businesses get faster connections, but latency – the time it takes to upload data – will be faster to. For small businesses, faster connection and latency will make online operations quicker. 5G also makes cloud SaaS services quicker, another major plus point for small businesses.

5G is also described as having the ability to improve security and innovation. As we all know, data hacks and other cybercrime can cripple small businesses. By detecting threats and enhancing cybersecurity, 5G will help protect small businesses. This in turn we mean small businesses can try new things and experiment with greater confidence.

With its power, speed, and different prices options, 5G will provide small businesses with the tools to innovate and disrupt, and even go head to head with the big players.

How Accessible is it in the United States?

5G Ultra Wideband began rolling out in the US in April 2019. Verizon currently offers 5G broadband internet known as 5G Home. 5G Ultra Wideband is currently available in areas of 57 cities across the United States.


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