Champagne, Gold and Green — The Colors of 2021?

Colors communicate without a single word, and there is a psychology to colors when brands market to their customers. The 2021 Color Trends report from Shutterstock has identified three colors that have been popular in the past year. This means you are going to see more of them in the coming year telling stories and capturing your imagination.

So, what is different this year, the pandemic. And it has affected the colors creatives have been using to communicate their ideas. This is what Flo Lau, Creative Director at Shutterstock, tries to explain what has taken place in the past year.

Lau says, “2020 has forced creatives to be more purposeful in their strategies. We see them turning to optimistic colors that inspire a sense of hope—a sense that positive change is coming.” She goes on to say, the bright, saturated hues that defined 2020 are behind us. For 2021, Lau says it is going to be colors with “… a rich, natural palette that speaks to new opportunities, and more simply, a desire to get outside and get away.”

Shutterstock 2021 Color Trends

The Color Trends Report is an analysis of billions of pixel data from the global Shutterstock customers. Looking at the HEX code data in each pixel Shutterstock can see the top colors that are set to dominate in the coming year.

Set Sail Champagne #FAEBD7

This is a natural hue with a soft, white tint of orange. Shutterstock says you can use it earth-toned color palettes featuring browns, taupes, and greens.

Fortuna Gold #DAA520

Named after the Roman goddess of good fortune, this color represents chance happenings and happy coincidence. This particular shade of yellow is a variation of gold you can see in sunlight at the golden hour or autumn leaves.

Tidewater Green #2F4F4F

Shutterstock says the molten teal of this color has a fluid nature representing a thick jungle canopy and a dark body of water. A deep molten teal presents yellow and blue tints allowing it to match up well in designs mimicking the blue-green of the ocean and colors seen in fish and coral reefs.

Global Color Trends

The color trends are not the same everywhere and each country has its own preference. These are the colors from 24 countries around the globe.

Images: Shutterstock

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